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Stay Home & Stay Safe

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

I know many people are probably getting tired of being in the house, but guess what it's for everybody is well being. The governor of Ohio has declared May 1 as the start of reopening the state of Ohio. Beginning May 1, 2020, all medically necessary procedures that do not require an overnight stay in a healthcare facility or do not require inpatient hospital admission and minimize the use of personal protective equipment may move forward. This includes regular doctor visits, well-care checks, well-baby visits, out-patient surgeries, imaging procedures, and diagnostic tests. Dental services and veterinary services may also proceed if a safe environment can be established.

Healthcare providers and facilities that plan to resume providing these services must adhere to infection control practices, have sufficient PPE, and talk with patients about the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Surgeries and procedures that, if not performed, would cause a threat to a patient's life, a threat of the spread of cancer or the permanent dysfunction of a limb or organ, the presence of severe symptoms causing an inability to perform activities of daily living, and/or the risk of rapidly worsening symptoms have always been permitted even if an overnight stay is necessary.

There's a lot to do, take time to check out Rhonda Crowder with Dickens Read, or read Phenomenal Women's Magazine with Shelley Shockley. You already know Netflix has a lot of us on lock with all the movies and series that make you want to binge-watch.

I hope you use common sense and be careful running out, no matter how you feel about wearing a mask, it's for mine and your safety. I am in no hurry to be laying up in Strawbridge Memorial Chapel

Well, I will not be in that number, I will be in the house until I think or feel it's safe to be around people, even wearing a mask. I have watched every time they open a state they get many new if you don't see me until July or August just know I am being safe and staying home.

I am still one of the ones to get the virus quick due to my illness, so let's remain friends by understanding my home will remain closed to visitors. Don't visit me and I won’t be visiting you, I don't hold it against you, I hope you don't hold it against me either. Because I care for you, yours, mine and myself.

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