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Happy Holidays

By James W. Wade III

December 24, 2021

Hello everyone, happy holidays to you all. I have noticed people become delighted and friendlier for some odd reason during this time of year. My mother never let me forget that Jesus is the real reason for the season.

So much has happened this year, but overall I am grateful to be alive and surviving the pandemic, which is back with a vengeance. So many people are passing, and hospitals are over their capacities at this present time. Sad to know so many have lost their lives to COVID.

I know what I am about to say may not be popular, but this is how I feel. We have a chance to get vaccinated, and for those who choose not to, it is your choice; I understand that, but you are the ones who are filling up the hospital beds and putting other people's lives in jeopardy because of your choice. It's so full of unvaccinated individuals; people with heart issues and other problems can't get a bed to save their lives because of what you feel.

With COVID numbers increasing daily, many family and friends may not enjoy each other for this holiday. I feel we need to give thanks for opening our eyes each day.

I have so many memories of Christmas growing up with many from the neighborhood, school, and church. When I was younger, my mother made sure Santa brought everything I asked for, plus many other gifts that enticed the children in my area to end up at my house playing with toys.

I have lost both my parents now, but I have memories that I hold on to too dearly; no, I don't get depressed around the holidays. Instead, I think of the great memories we established over the years. I woke up to Christmas music playing and running to the table to see if O Saint Nick had eaten the cookies and milk I left out for him. (smile)

I would wake my mother up around 5:00 a.m., excited to show her what Santa left for me in our living room. Then later going out to play in the snow and riding my sled down our driveway into the street and hearing my mother call my name to come in because I had been out in the cold long enough. That was the best part of the day, coming to some hot chocolate (Nestle) in that time can with the pop-off cap and some of our neighbor's hot homemade biscuits made with Alaga syrup; whewwww, those were some good times and now excellent memories.

I appreciate my childhood friends, and we have friendships that we held on to until people started passing away. Jeff and Mike Davis, Eddie and Jerry Russell, Rodney Reynolds, Brian Eskridge, Ronnie Roy and his brother Gee, and who could forget the Levert family, especially Gary (Pugs), Joe and Allen, and the rest of their brothers. Henry (Hank), who stills keeps us up to date on someone's passing, thank you for your friendship.

We spent many days in my backyard playing basketball, climbing our trees, and playing football in the street or the beauty shop on 147th (laughing). Suppose you wonder why I am writing about these friends because those were my playmates in my early years. Not only did Rodney Reynolds stay on my street while going to the same High School, but we also had a printing class together where both of us excelled in the class and became somewhat Mr. Ragland's teachable students.

Mr. Ragland started Rodney and me on the journey back in the tenth grade for two periods and then four periods in the 11th and 12th grades. If you had Mr. R.A.G. as we called him, he could tell you about Cutty Sark and give a look and tell you don't let me catch you on my turf. That laid the groundwork for both Rodney and me. I am happy for Rodney, who published various publications and shared our Black History through his American Legacy Magazine and Network...etc.

Since I have been designing flyers, writing and websites have been a passion for many years now, and I appreciate Rodney's friendship, which I still hold dear today. I am thankful for friends that are true to you, always even behind your back. Have you had friends who are never happy for anything you accomplish and become too big for you once they reach and particular level?

If you know anything about me, I have a super good friend who's on WEWS TV 5, not going to call her name because I am sure many of you already know this bad Emmy-winning sister. Being as important and popular as she is, she has never looked down on me or made me feel like I was less than a friend; because of her, my status jumped up, and many even think I am her manager (inside joke).

But as busy as she is with her job, family, and S.H.I.N.E., she makes time to check on me or call to talk to one another daily, and I appreciate that very much. You should take the time out to check on your friends, especially during the holidays. Are you that important where friends don't mean anything to you anymore?

So during this season, don't be like the song the O'Jays sing about, you know the lyrics Backstabbers trying to be one up on everybody. I hope you, too, have some great memories about this time of year with loved ones and family. I am blessed to have a great woman by my side who makes memories with me daily; everybody should wish for a Cynthia to be under your tree, but you cant borrow mine; you have to get your own!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!

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Gefällt mir

24. Dez. 2021

Merry Christmas my friend. I enjoyed reading your blog. Brought back many memories!!!

Gefällt mir
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