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Do You Have To Be In Control?

By James W. Wade III

Wednesday August 18, 2021

Approaching the end of August, in my mind, means summer is over, we have lost about 30 minutes of daylight, and nights are starting to get cooler. School is starting, and my class reunion coming up reminds me of when I was in school; we never started school until after Labor Day in September, when times have changed.

School days brought a lot of great relationships from classmates and neighborhood friends. Over the years, I feel my personality has provided me with meeting some very reliable and trustworthy friends, and just like anything, and you will have haters.

Do hatters appear because they are jealous of you? or want to be like you? or even not be controlling and trying so hard to be important in life? Whatever the reason, I feel you should be comfortable in your skin. Sometimes it's learned behavior; if your parents are mean and controlling, sometimes, that's how you become to others in life.

I am thankful I get along with many and can laugh and enjoy life despite what others say. I just watched a tape of the singer Lizzo crying about how hateful people can be in life towards one another. Talking about her weight and the color of her skin. I never understood the weight thing...if you are too skinny, you are on drugs; if you are too fat, you are ugly to many. If that person is your friend and you are a true friend, you would like them no matter how light, dark, or their weight size or hair length.

Be who you are, but do it tastefully, I've seen skinny leg women wear mini skirts, plus size women wear spandex and leggings. While having a conversation with some friends, the discussion about divorced came up, and even with all the jokes, the root of any problem is at the center of it all. Not all marriages end because of cheating or money issues. Many end because one is too dawg gone demanding and wants everything to be perfect.

No one or nothing will ever be perfect, and to think that's part of life does not make any sense to me. Some days I wish I could snap my fingers and make some things change, but I also realize whatever will be will be. I have served on many excellent boards and been involved in a lot of events and galas. I enjoy being kind and friendly to people, and that's all I ask back in return.

Have you ever seen someone change things in mid-stream just because they can? Knowing good and well does not make any sense. But do it to show control. Webster's definition of the word control is :to exercise restraining or directing influence over : REGULATE, control one's anger. Wow not that's deep, ones anger.

I enjoy playing Gospel Music on WJWW Radio Monday through Friday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm; the music relaxes me, smooths my mind, and brings calmness over me. We play that old-school good gospel music that we grew up on, mostly choir music. If you want to hear some good gospel music tune in and Let's Have Church.

Make today a great day, call or text someone and tell them you love them or appreciate them. Stop being mean and controlling and overbearing and enjoy life because none of us know how many more days on earth, we have to learn to enjoy life.

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