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LaShawn Christ'e releases new music

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

By James W. Wade III

The bible admonishes us to encourage one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Singer, visionary leader, and influencer LaShawn Christ'e finds herself blessed by God with many gifts and uses them all to inspire, encourage and equip people from the gospel faith and the promises of God. Her new project, TRUST bears witness to that truth. Released on August 15, 2020.

I have said time and time again Cleveland, Ohio has a lot of talent in the city, both singers and musicians and now LaShawn Christ'e ranks among those who are blessed to be able to minister God's word through singing and ministering. Christ'e was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and has been singing since she was a young child. She attended Cleveland Public Schools and has always sung Gospel Music.

She was inspired to do this project from God who gave her the music & ministry to share with the world. "I want to reach everyone that's assigned to me," said Christ'e. The message in her music is an example of art reflecting life.

She was blessed to have some great musicians from the Cleveland Ohio and Houston Texas area. Philip K. Jones II, Jaye Haynes, Joey Green, Jarriel Willis, Eric Byous & Adam Smith. Just to mention a special shout out to Phillip K. Jones II who penned Ricky Dillard's new song Glad To Be In The Service, Jaye Haynes comes from a family of singers and musicians, and to have the bottom held down by the great Joey Green and Jarriel Willis and Eric Byous who has played with Gerald Levert and so many others all has helped Christ'e music be tight.

Being around the music circuit for over 40 years, I have enjoyed her music since I heard a friend Michele F. Levy talk about it. Every since WJWW Radio has been playing her music daily

in the rotation, my favorite is "Guilty Stains", off her highly anticipated album Trust. But I am sure if you support this lady, you too will enjoy her music.

Don’t sleep on LaShawn Christ'e; You can purchase her music all on digital platforms like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify to name a few. She even has her own merchandise you can order by clicking here.

Many have supported Christ'e by purchasing her CD. "This CD is giving me life. Lashawn Christ’e thank you", said Tonya R. Goodwin - Baines.

"It's is nice to see the talented and gifted Cleveland, Ohio gospel artists stepping out on faith and getting their music out there! Congrats to all of you! Praise God!" said Nedra Elaine Haymon.

"I bought my copy did you? This album is from beginning to end! Proud of you cousin! Shout out to the band and BGV's as well" said Carlton Drummer.

To sum this project up, coming from a very talented family this project couldn't be nothing else but outstanding. "God always will do what's best for us & He loves us unconditionally", said Christ'e. I am sure her mother is smiling feeling and knowing a job well done.

Make sure you get yours today and look for upcoming music from LaShawn Christ'e.

Hear her music on WJWW Radio

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