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Mark A. Carthon Sr. Does First Live Recording

By James W. Wade III

Mark A. Carthon Sr. had his first Live Recording on Saturday, October 3, 2020, at Rhema Fellowship Church located at 3400 St. Clair Ave. in Cleveland, Ohio; that was a huge success. "Mark, the fact you choose to do your First Live Recording at home meant the world to me!!! You have no idea.", Pastor Antony T. Parker.

Not only was the service outstanding, but the location was also perfect for what Mark had in his mind to do. Talking to Mark before the service started, he shared how special Rhema was because of all the time he spent with them, and some of the music he has written was birthed while serving there. If you have had a chance to sit with Mark and share some laughs, you will see his great sense of humor and is so talented and blessed. But one of the most refined things I like about him, he is very humble.

The choir was very pumped and ready to give some praise even before hitting the stage. The choir was wearing black T-Shirts with The Blood words on it. So many great singers from across the city made up the Carthon and Company (CAC) choir.

Having music out already with various artists such as Victoria Hubbard Barnes, Andre Love II, and Kennedy Jones, to name a few, Mark decided to use just his singers on this project, and not a lot of well know soloists. Even though members of his choir led songs, Carlee Byous was highlighted and featured with her new single "Be Alright" written and produced by Mark Carthon Sr. and Aaron Grayer serving as the music producer. Other soloists included Jordan Burress, Adrianna Miller, Elana Wells, and Kandace Jones. "Awesome!!!!!!! Mark Carthon Sr. and Carthon and Co. What an amazing job. Soooo thankful to be apart of this GREAT singing aggregation ", said Antoinette Harris.

The whole room's vibe was very uplifting, and everyone seems like they came to have church and worship with CAC. One part of the service had cause to stop and give praise, Carthon talked about he totaled his car, but was still alive and shared the benefit of being alive and what it meant to him, and then the praise and shouting started. I could relate to his testimony because twice the doctors have told me I should have been dead, but God saw fit to let me live and give praise and thanks every day for life.

Not only was the singing great, but the "beard band" was also on fire, under the direction of his MD Aaron Grayer. The band included Leland Johnson, Jeremiah Polite, and Aaron Dozier. Grayer and Josh Orr served as co-producer for this project.

While thanking everyone, Mark used the songs they did. He was welcomed "In This Place" because "You Are Worthy" of our praise. You even gave us the "Victory" as you told us to "Wait On Me"... so now "I'm Trusting In You" again ... "I'll Say Yes" because of "The Blood" and by faith "I'll Praise Him" in advance.

Mark gave so much praise to his wife Sherita, aka Boss Lady, for all she does and just for loving him. It was nice to see Mark started a little twist while sharing about how special his wife is to him. You could feel the love they have for each other in the room.

Sherita has so many talents, not knowing all that she can do. I will say she is the BOMB when it comes to graphic design and T-Shirts. Near the end of the recording, Mark had his brother/ his pastor come up, Pastor Lafayette Carthon, who talked about being on the right side of things and gave so much encouragement to his brother before praying.

While looking around the room, you a lot of great people in Rhema for the recording. The one and only Johnny Parker and his wife Laveta, another music genius Jimmie A. Parker, Rev. Nathan Nance, and Michael Harrison, to name a few. It was great to see Mark's mother in attendance, and his brother and his wife to support their family member.

I enjoyed this recording, and I already know you wouldn't be disappointed when it's released, and I advise you to make sure you support them and get it. To God Be The Glory to Mark Carthon Sr. and Sherita Carthondoes first Live Recording Carthon and Company for a job well done.

Watch video of "I'll Praise Him Click Here

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