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My Brother Bob Ivory Making You Sway With Him

By James W. Wade III There's a man in Cleveland Ohio who's making his mark one song at a time, Bob Ivory has music in his soul and has chosen to shed it with everybody. Both individuals and groups enjoy music, and it can be experienced both as a participant and as a listener. Music can be used as a basis for communication and as a form of expression. Ivory has been creating music nearly all his life. He was born in Lake Village, Arkansas, and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, in a musical household, playing the piano since elementary school and writing songs after that. When Bob first started, he was influenced musically by Stevie Wonder, the Motown Sound, and jazz pianists like Oscar Peterson and Ramsey Lewis. I like his music and have been following him and sharing it—his latest project, "My Brother," which he released in April of 2020. "I wrote this song to confront the complexities of our day and hope to raise consciousness and awareness around us while proposing the challenge as well as the affirmation to do something about it," said Ivory. This video starts as a dream and reflects the 70's look. The great Terrence Spivey directed this video & choreography by Terence Greene. Ivory was inspired to do his latest project by Marvin Gaye's classic "What's Going On." He vividly remembers growing up in the '70s and listening to music by Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Curtis Mayfield, who wrote many socially conscious songs around events that confronted our community at the time. "I believe we are reliving some of those times and conditions currently, so the "My Brother" was my way of expressing that but also making the case that still much to be done and much can be done to turn things around. There is much to be learned and appreciated from the styles and look of the '70s." said Ivory. I have enjoyed Ivory's videos, especially the ladies he chose to be his mate. Brittany Elise starred with him in My Brother, & Sway With Me, featured my good friend Felecia McDonald.

Sway With Me video had you convinced he was singing and dating her, great video. "Yes, I wrote this song and dedicated it to "My First Love." Without question, we all are adults here and even for the younger generation, who can't relate to their "First Love." That feeling, that impression, that sensation, that butterfly, that can't sleep can't eat, can't concentrate, can't get enough of....yes, I'm talking about and even wrote a song about it and lyrics to try and describe "My First Love," said Ivory. Between the mid-90s and the time of his first independent solo album release, "The Bob Ivory Project" in 2016, Bob has written and produced a smooth and soulful arsenal of songs and never stopped pursuing his musical aspirations. He helped Close the Achievement Gap and Increasing the High School Graduation Rate in Greater Cleveland and beyond. Bob most recently joined the ranks of Smooth Jazz recording artists as a singer/songwriter with the release of solo albums The Bob Ivory Project, Sway With Me, Buried Treasure, and his latest single "My Brother." This song is a silky smooth new song with an exceptional mellow vocal performance, subtle harmonies, featuring poignant and socially conscious lyrics. Bob was blessed to have a breakthrough year nationally in 2019 with the song "Sway with Me," which reached the Top 40 on the Smooth Jazz Network Chart. An accomplished keyboardist and arranger as well, Bob has collaborated with several performing artists, writing and producing dynamic songs that are both thematic with some outstanding lyrics and clever hooks spanning multiple genres of music. His unique and signature sound, musical arrangements, and smooth vocal stylings are refreshingly resonating nationally and within Smooth Jazz and Urban Adult Contemporary listening communities around the world. In 2007, Bob was appointed to the Governor's Office for Closing the Achievement Gap in Ohio, and 2014 was honored in the Who's Who in Black Cleveland publication. Bob is an excellent keyboardist, a seasoned songwriter, and has composed and produced many original works before writing his first book, "What God Has Done." Ivory launched the initiative in Cuyahoga County. (Ohio) in four first-ring suburbs of Cleveland made possible by Cuyahoga County government to expand county, state, and nationwide. He is also a consultant to the Village of Woodmere, Ohio (Office of the Mayor), in the capacity of Legislative Liaison and Community Outreach. The focus of his role is regional collaboration, capacity and relationship building, and strategic inter-governmental advocacy. He is a proud member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated. Make sure you check out his music.

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