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New Ricky Dillard Music

Updated: May 2, 2020

Cleveland, Ohio is connected to this project.

By James W. Wade III


The GRAMMY®-nominated and electrifying choir director Ricky Dillard brings choir music back to the choir stands with his Motown Gospel album debut, Joined by his choir, New G, Dillard shines on his new project, which includes the already-popular radio single “Release” featuring Tiff Joy, the mid-tempo choir groove “Since He Came,” and the remake of a New G classic on “More Abundantly Medley.” As a prayer for the uncertain times the world is facing, Ricky Dillard also releases the fourth song and live performance video from the new album today—the passionate.

Recorded live to a sold-out audience in Chicago last Fall, he returns to the good church choir sound and style of choir music in 11 spirit-filled and soul-refreshing tracks. The track Glad to be in the Service is from Cleveland Ohio's own Phillip K. Jones II.

I got to talk to Phillip K. Jones II and asked how he was feeling about his song being on the project. "I am thankful for this opportunity, but let me say if it had not been for my choir The PK Jones Ensemble and Rev. Ron Hubbard who sang on it. They are the ones, including the horns and everybody involved who I want to give praises too", said Phillip K. Jones.

Jones II talked about him submitting the music to Dillard, thanks to a tip from a friend of his Roberto Burton, Jones jumped right on it, He got the call that they wanted to record it. And last September they recorded it live in Chicago.

Cleveland is also represented in Ricky Dillard's New G choir by a gifted alto Jubilee Jones, "It's great singing for him! He has taught me a lot. The new project is on fire", said Jubilee Jones. She has been a member of the choir for about 7 years now.

Check out the video around the time of 1:29, You will see Cleveland's own Derrick Lockett Sr., another great musician and director in the city in the audience. A lot of Cleveland individuals traveled to Chicago for this recording.

"I MUST acknowledge ALL the members of my beloved PK Jones Ensemble back there at home whom either recorded or performed the song with us around town, pastor Ron Ixaac Hubbard, Jarriel Willis and Andre Willis, Chris Coles, Chris George, Anderson Scott McKee and Bryan Hannaford for initially recording my arrangement of Glad To Be In The Service back in 2012 and 2013. Without them recording and performing it with me around town, the song would have NEVER reached the height of what it has now. I'm forever grateful and appreciative of all of you" said PK Jones II.

When I played this video I was bouncing around in my seat and can see this being another hit. Jubilee Jones has already claimed this "Yall know EVERY church is going to bump this when we return!".️, said Jubilee.

Also on this project, Dillard's song I Won't go Back you even get to see him do a version of the choir line dancing and they danced up the aisles walking out the church, one also with a funky beat entitled "Since He Came" I love this music, I am sure you will enjoy this new project too.

Ricky Dillard, a multi-GRAMMY®-nominated artist, and architect of contemporary choir music, has been sharing his gift with the world for more than three decades. Recently celebrated for his contribution to choir music in Rolling Stone and TIME magazines, he has made an immeasurable mark on the genre and inspired some of the most successful artists in the music industry. Also, he has shared the stage with the likes of Patti LaBelle, Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, Debbie Allen, Bonnie Raitt, and P. Diddy.

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James W. Wade III
James W. Wade III

So happy for Phillips Jones and Jubilee Jones, representing Cleveland, Ohio

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