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My Mother was a great woman

Blogging by James W. Wade III I hope everyone is staying safe during this coronavirus time. I have had time sitting around to reminisce about a lot of things. I faced the mirror and realize how much I enjoy my life. I am just a regular person who likes to have fun. Not hung up on name dropping, trying to be Mr. It or putting down other people to make me look good. I have seen so many who want their name to be mention for everything or to try to be better than others. No matter what you have in the bank or under your mattress, you can't take it with you. My mother always told me you are trying to impress your friends, and half of them won't even show up for your funeral. I have realized that while being sick for some years now, you find out who cares. As we approach Mother's Day, I am sitting around missing my mother, being my mother's only child, we had an exceptional bond. I would call her every day and stop by her house. If your mother is still alive, please appreciate her daily, call her and check on her. Take time to say I love you. You don't know the feeling you go through once she's gone. I would like to hear my mother fussing at me to listen to her voice today. My mother was always there for me even when I was dead wrong, she fussed at me to get me back on track, but she did it because she cared for me. My mother was a fun-loving person who helped many when she didn't have a lot herself. My mother never sheltered me or held me back from being the person I wanted to be. Since she passed each holiday without her is hard; over time, it still is not easy. It hurts when my friends don't spend any time with their parents or even talk to them. Many didn't know my mother played the piano and sang in the Tommies in Chicago, Illinois, at one time. Buying me my first piano at a young age, she paid for me to take piano lessons with the late great Thelma Dorsey who stayed on East 154th, close to my house, I could walk there. Dorsey was a legend, and I didn't know how good of a musician she was at a young age. The older I got and realized who she was, me and her laughed about me complaining about her teaching. I was fortunate enough to have a lot of other ladies who were exceptional in my life, Letha Grady, Doris Sawyer,Vivian VanLeer and now I have Ma Bernice, Mattie Harris, and Marcella Caffie, who checks on me and call me son. This a great group of women for so many reasons. No matter from me trying to get potato in the pot or eating a great meal at their table. I appreciate all of them for taking a particular interest in my life. Doing this time of quarantine, I see everybody spending time on Facebook saying positive things. Why did it take a significant issue to open our eyes to want to be extra friendly? I have always wanted to treat people with kindness, even when they refuse to treat me nicely. I am at an age where life is too short for foolishness. In case you don't realize it, you can be up today and down today. Remember the saying don't burn the bridges that brought you over. Stay humble always, and some don't realize when you talk about someone that person usually runs back and spread it. Don't get too uppity that you forget your friends that started with you when you had nothing. I hope when this quarantine is over, you will do something to make someone else's life better. Special Shout Out to my friends: Margaret Bernstein, Shelley Shockley, Shawn Literacy, and Rhonda Crowder, who continues to make a difference in a lot of children's life, reading is fundamental. My ace and good friend Danita Harris who inspires so many women to SHINE each month and helps a worthy cause each month to benefit an organization. Congratulations Rhonda Crowder for being awarded the 2020 Todd H. Bol Award for Outstanding Achievement, your hard work and effort have not gone unnoticed. I am thankful for all the first and last responders who have had to deal with this crisis. Have a good one everyone.

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