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Yvonne Pointer wearing one of Ms P's T Shirts

Kicking it with James Blog Friday, May 8, 2020 Hello, everyone, its Friday and I been living for the weekend. I can go to the couch and then back to the bedroom, trying to stay out of the kitchen so I won't tip the scale any further. I want to give a special shout out today to my good friend Pecola Pointer aka Ms. P. Ms. P is a sister in the Pointer family; many know of Ronnie Pointer with Horizon Magazine. Still, I am sure the majority of you know Minister Yvonne Pointer, who does a nightly show live called Hope Haven. My friend for many years was another brother who is now deceased Raymond Pointer, many of brought your Cadillacs from him at Crestmont Cadillac. The Pointer Family was also in Family Feud. I saw Ms. P latest project was a T-Shirt, I already was a big fan of her bath bombs, especially the grape. But let's talk about this T-Shirt line she has launched. The walking vision board tees by P. is the name for her shirt business. "My logic was to wear my visions and dream while manifesting all while encouraging someone else, you know, like a personal vision board kind of thing." Ms. P stated. I was curious about how she came up with the concept for the shirts. "Early one Sunday morning around 6 a.m, I woke up, and God said to me to put my favorite song on a tee, Do it I did by 6:30 I had created my first tee of the line it simply said Do it, Lord! And I posted it on Facebook, and the response was terrific..and still is for that one I think by the end of that Sunday I had sold 18 tees. I was hoping to sell 1," said Pointer. Her shirts have taken on a life of their own, and she shared how grateful she is about the enormous response to her T-Shirts. Make sure you become a part of her movement; you can inbox her on Facebook, or call her at the salon (216) 414-7504. Now even before the T-Shirt launch, Ms. P opened a salon called On Point Hair and Nail in February 2011. It was a full-service hair, nail, skin, and spa that lasted nine years in the heart of downtown Cleveland. Sadly to say her run has ended with being a salon owner. "it was a good run, but now I'm looking forward to new beginnings, the next chapter," said Ms. P. A lot of famous clients came through her shop while I downtown Cleveland including Verdine White, the bass player for Earth Wind & Fire getting his perm twirled. Also, Charles Barkley stopped in, hmmm wonder why? He wears a bald head like me, maybe he wanted his nails done. On Point later moved to 1228 Euclid Ave suite 103 in the Halle Building. The Halle building was built in 1908 and was renovated in 1985. In 2016 & 2017 her salon was Best Hair Salon Finalist. So now that the city is on the verge of reopening salons and barber shop, check out Ms. P now at 12611 Larchmere. So many people have reinvented them selves due to the Covid 19. A lot of people found side jobs to help maintain their household due to being unemployed from from the virus lockdown. I have seen people make masks for people and even First Responders. Many have stepped out and fed the police, hospital workers and some one have even started a You Tube Channel Gospel Tuesday Show (smile). I am glad to see individuals stepping up and even helping others. Victoria Hubbard Barnes and Project Hope CLE has offered to by lunches for first responders. Victoria Davis and Yvonne Pointer, Evangelist Brenda Shorts have fed many during this pandemic time. It does my heart good to see all these exciting things going on.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, please stay safe or be like me and just stay home!!

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