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Is He Trying to Kill Us?

It's so sad that we have a President who would tell people to intake disinfectants into their body to prevent the coronavirus. It put the United States on high alert. I can't watch him doing his press briefing.

The makers of Lysol put this statement out: "The makers of Lysol, the Washington State Emergency Management Division, and the Environmental Protection Agency all scrambled to do damage control after President Trump appeared to suggest injecting people with disinfectants could be a possible cure for COVID-19."

The White House Press Secretary said in a statement today that President Trump’s statements were taken out of context. Yeah right, I am just sorry for the people who didn't use common sense and tried to use it.

Is Trump trying to kill us? Now with problems with meat, Trump must be blind and deaf from seeing and hearing what's going on. President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act to keep meatpacking plants in the U.S. open during the coronavirus pandemic. Tuesday's move comes after more than a dozen beef, pork, and poultry plants across the country shut down either temporarily or indefinitely in the past few weeks.

The president's executive order to keep the plant's open notes that some of the plant closures "may be inconsistent with" worker safety guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and that "unnecessary" plant closures can have a big impact on the meat supply chain.

Bad enough he is wanting business as usual and opening up the states and causing more coronavirus cases to rise and deaths.

SMH shame on you President Donald Trump.

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