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Gov Mike DeWine is ok with me

I don't know how many feel about Gov Mike Dewine is doing, but I feel he has done great by me. Now this is just my opinion and I can certainly understand if many disagree but I feel he jumped out and stop more people from dying due to the coronavirus. A recent Great Lakes poll reports that 80 percent of Ohioans approve of the job Gov. Mike DeWine is doing during the coronavirus pandemic. The Great Lakes Poll was conducted by Ohio’s Baldwin Wallace University in partnership with Ohio Northern University and Michigan’s Oakland University. I understand a lot of other states are talking about the great job he is doing. I have it from a couple of friends who live outside of Ohio. Even tho I feel he has pressure to reopen the state, I don't think he is wanting too. He understands the effect of saving lives versus the dollar bill. So I salute you, Gov DeWine, not matter what the outcome through this pandemic.

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