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Enjoy Your Life Everyday

By James W. Wade III

Well, summer is almost gone, but I have enjoyed it so far, celebrating a birthday in July and enjoying time with my good friends. Friendship is something you should not take for granted. I appreciate all of my friends who check on me, call to say hello and end up having some meaningful conversations about life.

These last few months, I have talked to so many of my classmates, and sometimes if you listen, you can learn a lot. My mother would tell me, so you can never be a one-person show, build a team, then when you have a team, LISTEN!!! When you are younger, it seems to go in one ear and out the other.

Born and raised in the church, I have always valued a person who could quote scripture and be in the word, but I have also learned that everyone who goes to church is not truly saved. While there, satan could be sitting right next to you.

Being involved with many boards over the years and even being Board Chair for a few, I have learned protocol and hearing what the members who are in touch have to say. I was laughing at a phone call from a friend who is the president of a national organization in Cleveland who told me someone had an idea and brought it to him. He told me he laughed and whispered under his breath; this will never be anything.

But allowed it to happen, and BAM, he got so much support from parents and children participating and even a lot of media attention. So the moral of the story he told me even being in charge, you have to listen sometimes. No one person knows it all. Do you make decisions to say I did it or let everyone know I am in charge?

Being active for most of my life, I have truly learned to listen, and I think there should be a class for those in charge to hear. The love I have for The Black Professional Association Charitable Foundation (BPACF) taught me a lot over the years. Being young, starting with them, sitting under Nancella and Wallace Harris drilled a lot in me. Not only did they teach me the history of the organization, but they also groomed me to be a better leader and organizer.

I constantly use to ask my father why most people never believe in a succession plan? Some people get power, making them drunk with authoritative power in being so bossy and sitting on a throne.

This past Sunday, I was able to sit down with one of my best friends and talk about life, business, and nothing extraordinary. But to me, it was beautiful just to be laid back and enjoying the company.

I am so thankful and blessed that God has allowed me to do and be involved in some significant events in my lifetime. I have had the pleasure of being in some organizations, The Black MBA's, BPACF, working with 100 Black Men, The Urban Bankers, and served on many many boards in my career, but still thankful God allowed me to stay humble. I was not getting too big in my mind.

Have you ever meant a person who was more than they think in their mind? I realize everyday life is too short for the dumb mess. People are being killed and dying every day; it seems more rapid in this day and age.

I hope everyone will enjoy the remaining of their summer and relax and not be so uptight. Whatever Will Be Will Be Que Sera Sera.

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