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Can You Believe It's Been 45 years?

By James W. Wade III

Juneteenth 2021 is now in the books; what a wonderful day that started at a beautiful wedding for the Purnell's in Hudson, Ohio. I was very concerned if I would even be able to attend due to me being ill for weeks now. But while there, it was so lovely to see people you have not seen for over 15 months due to the pandemic.

It was the who's who event of the century, some will say. If you were there, then you understand what I am saying. I don't want to call names, and who I saw, I don't want to miss anyone (smile).

I had a beautiful Father's Day and enjoyed the day, spend time at my dad's grave. The first one is always the hardest. I missed us hanging out and laughing. I checked on a few other friends who lost their parents and found out it is not uncommon that when our parents get sick, why is only one who gives and does all? I currently know three other siblings going through this. I can't understand how people could treat their parents so wrong, especially when they had everything handed to them on a silver plate and ate it with a silver spoon.

Nothing too much surprises me anymore, and I see ordinary people who get a little power and control and lose their minds and become bossy and mean. Not realizing they are turning people off and making them not want to participate in anything. How can you be mean and evil and then turn around and ask someone to vote for you for any office? I am old enough and retired, so I am my boss, and I will not bow down to man.

Sometimes you have to step back and look in the mirror and see your faults, stop trying to be extra and so vital that you lose sight of friends who were there when you didn't have much and many friends. By no means am I jealous of no one; I like to see individuals be humble no matter what they have or don't have. I chose my friends by how they treat me, not what they have. Have you seen so many who try to keep up with the Joneses? Trying their best to be accepted by the who's who in the city or the world.

This year I will be celebrating my 45th class reunion; wow, I went from hair down my back to no hair at all laughing...I went from spending time at the Host House to enjoying my couch. How many remember your senior year? I hope to see it in August, and we currently have been having fundraisers to help out with the expenses. Currently, we have a car wash that I am asking everyone to participate in.

You still have two weeks to get a ticket to help support us; contact Ms. Adrianne Michelle Sims on Facebook to get a ticket or tickets and tell her James Wade III sent you. She and Lawrence Williamson has been during an excellent job with this event. If you don't want to help support the car wash, you can donate $10.00 to the scholarship fund. Yes, that's right, you have options.

I am asking you if you know someone from the JFK class of 76 that has passed. Can you send the names so we can make sure we have everybody included, please? Every reunion's first two names that come to my mind are James Scott and Clifford Varmal.

Looking back at my life during those times, before I got my car, we would walk from Harvard Ave. to 116th and Corlett on Friday nights to attend the games. You were never worried about someone kidnapping you, robbing you, and any actual bad crime like today's times. I also remember walking down the street from the school to get a Polish Boy whew they were the BOMB.

I would see my classmates Russell Hambline and Robert Chisolm, and Rodney Reynolds, who already was 6ft and looked like pro football players, and I was only 5ft...cracking up. At my age now, I feel like I am getting even shorter. But I am so glad to be able to contact and talk to so many from my class. Because everyone knows I was quiet and shy in school. I am even laughing hard while I type this. Remember parties where I would walk in and say James Wade is here?....laughing fun times.

So I am inviting all of the John F. Kennedy Class of 76 to come out on August 27th and 28th and join us at our reunion. Are you curious to see who gained weight? Who's bald? Who looks 90, whatever your desire, be a part of this two-day event.

In my class, we have so many who we should be supporting. I know we have particular picks and only help certain people in life, but I know many of us know Jeff Bivens (Foxx). He's been on Sirus Radio for a very long time doing it. Rodney Reynolds has American Legacy Magazine and TV.

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Earl Minter
Earl Minter
Jun 22, 2021

Over these 45 years life has happening but it's not going to get the last say. We are fighting Eagles and we're going to fight back until we like we always did be blessed


Very nice James!

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