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Bands Are You Ready to Rumble?

Kicking it with James Blog Saturday May 16, 2020 Maybe you remember singing or humming this song in 1988; every radio station kept this song in heavy rotation. That's what I am feeling with this Coronavirus, by me staying home, I feel safe. I want to thank everyone for your great response to yesterday's blog about your favorite club. I learned a lot and remembered some names of clubs that I had thought about in over two decades. Now that Ohio is partially reopened, how do you plan to handle your day to day operation going forward? They have not released bars and entertainment establishments to resume yet. I am often in tears when I stop on Lem Adams Facebook page and catch a good joke. Yesterday Lem showed band members wearing wrestling masks and the caption; this is Bands coming back into the clubs, I included the picture in the story. But it made me think about what will happen going forward? I can't see Nighttown having their doors open to full capacity when they open; all shows already had everybody on top of each other. Will bands bring out all of their members for each gig in the beginning? I speculate most clubs will only allow half the capacity so we can still practice social distancing. How spread out will singers and musicians be from one another? Due to the pandemic clubs will be hurting for money, two issues arise. One, due they have money to pay bands and singers, two, are bands and singers coming out trying to charge top dollar? I know both bands, singers, and the clubs had felt the pinch in their wallet since March when all this went down. Even being open and having take out service, they didn't make the same money as they would if they were open totally for inside dining. Rose & Howard Drake Sr, along with Cynthia and myself, would typically eat out on Friday night or hear some good music somewhere. Even with us talking to them regularly, it's not the same as laughing and being together. Being on lockdown, I have not seen Delvis Valentine sporting his dynamic attire and being face to face laughing with him. I have not enjoyed watching the many protesters demanding states to open up. I have said from the beginning, is money more important than a personal life? I saw on the news that some owners are not opening up yet because they want to protect their employees. Now that some places have reopened, some are celebrating, but I hear many say they are staying put. Now they are allowing some sports for children to happen in the summer, but there are a lot of restrictions. Come on; people show some type of wisdom or common sense. Is it like that man in the White House telling people to drink disinfectant (smh) and people doing it? Governor Mike DeWine has already given the opening dates for Gyms on May 26, along with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. As it stands right now, daycares are clear to open May 31, Cuyahoga County has the highest cases of the virus, so no matter where you are, please be safe. Ohio has had over 1,500 deaths due to Coronavirus. So I ask, do you still think it's a hoax? So as for and mine, we are doing good, and I am sitting at the computer singing"Don't Worry Be Happy." Have a great weekend, everybody. If you missed yesterday's blog, What Was Your Favorite Club? Click here to read article.

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