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A Stain On Our History

By James W. Wade III

I witnessed yesterday a sad day, January 6, 2021, to see all those Trump supporters storm the Capitol building just because of a United States president who can not accept defeat.

I believe what Trump had in mind has now backfired with so many Republicans standing with him. He lost last night after witnessing the trouble these Trump supporters caused.

As I witnessed this, it crossed my mind had that been Black Lives Matter people, Trump would have had every type of police and law officials he could find, and I guarantee you there would have been more than four deaths.

What is the world coming too, where a sitting president incites a riot and encourages people to go to the Capital and has this horrific scene that embarrassed me and many others. What happens to people who can't think for themself. No man can make me do anything I don't want to do.

For four years, we have suffered from a president who was not qualified to lead the United States. He has divided this country and made it where the KKK does not have to wear their white hoods, and they are walking around showing who they are. Trump has turned on Vice President Pence, Mitch McConnell, and some other Republicans, and I wonder if he is fit still to run the United States for these 13 days.

This a double standard clearly on how different Black and White gets treated. They had pipe bombs and other devices to wreak havoc on the police and others. When a Black woman got too close to the Capital, they gunned her down. But yet Whites can storm the Capital and sit in Nancy Pelosi's office with his feet up on the desk. A clear picture, and I feel the FBI should arrest him and charge him.

"Today's shameful assault on our democracy — anointed at the highest government level — must not deter us from our responsibility to the Constitution. Tonight, we will move forward with the certification of President-elect Joe Biden's election," said Nancy Pelosi.

I can't understand what happened to security, and they knew for weeks that the President had this date on the calendar. They should have been better prepared. Then to have Trump reluctant to call in the National Guard is even more of a failure on Trump's part. Trump has to go down in history as the worst President ever.

I am so thankful my parents raised me to accept all people for who they are and not due to their skin color. Racism is real, and it's a shame that some white parents raise and teach their kids to hate people of other colors. I dislike people mistreating Blacks, just as bad as I hate jealousy of one another.

Thankful for jobs where I was the only person there of color, but they all treated me with kindness. Not all have a belief of hate and being mean to people. When you are mean, I can understand why Trump has been married so much, he is terrible, and I hope he understands, and now except why he was voted out of the office and not allowed another four years, he messed up the first four.

I have watched jealousy within families. Some have not raised a hand to help do anything for their parents but think they have entitlement to everything and try to take over. Favor is not fair, but if they were around to help and be involved, they would know what was going on.

I say all that because I feel Trump was jealous of a Black man Barack Obama being President and taunted and picked at him because of his color. Not because of his qualifications, education, or plain and simple, the people exercising their right to electing him. It was clear when Trump refused to hang his picture up in the White House. No other president has had this issue in 40 years, no matter what party it was.

So this was a clear message about how he felt about him as a Black man and not as the United States' former President. He has acted like a little kid. Over these past four years, President Trump has been a Racist, a Bully, and has acted like a baby when he does not get his way.

I wish I could drive the U Haul to move him out of the White House or use his line from the reality show and say, Trump, "You are Fired" bye-bye, you are the weakest link.

I know there are so many Blacks who are Republicans and follow him, but I will say this if you think what he has done is right, I feel sorry for you.

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